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At Judge Law firm, our mission is simple: We provide the most comprehensive bankruptcy solutions to help good people achieve complete financial recovery.

This isn’t the life you had planned.

  • Harassing calls from creditors demanding payments
  • Letters threatening vehicle and home repossessions
  • Sleepless nights worried for your family’s future

Bankruptcy can put an end to the mounting bills and stress. And with the right Tucson bankruptcy attorney on your side, it can help you take back control over your financial future.


We Invest in You

Judge Law Firm educates prospective clients about their Bankruptcy and other debt relief options. For each client at no additional cost, we download a comprehensive Three-Bureau Credit Report and arrange for both required bankruptcy courses. We continue to educate our clients regarding the bankruptcy process, their next steps, and opportunities. We are committed to continuing to educate clients, so they can move to a stronger financial position when their case is closed, and their debts are discharged.


During your no-obligation consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Tell your story: Unlike other bankruptcy law firms, Jeffrey Judge actually makes the time to listen and assess your unique situation.

Understand your options: Jeffrey Judge will explain your options under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in a way that makes sense.

Get a full credit report: You'll leave our office with a complete credit report so you're clear on your current financial situation.

Once you’ve made the decision to retain our services, you get Arizona’s top bankruptcy legal service behind you.

We’ll work with you to evaluate your bankruptcy options. A complete discharge of your debt is possible when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona. For those who want to protect their home from foreclosure, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona will allow us to negotiate a debt repayment plan on your behalf.

Our highly experienced team of bankruptcy experts will guide you through our step-by-step bankruptcy process.

Mr. Judge has been amazingly helpful as I've been going through the bankruptcy process. He is extremely patient, and understanding. He thoroughly answers any questions I have and has graciously given his time to make sure I understand the process. I feel so fortunate to have him for a lawyer!!

— Client Review, SuperPages

Judge Law Firm is on your side.

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