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Arizona & Tucson bankruptcy law is complex and often confusing. Contact Jeffrey P. Judge and the Judge Law Firm to get the facts about your chapter 7 bankruptcy options and the different types of bankruptcy that may apply to you. When you file for bankruptcy, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 are common forms of bankruptcy. Mr. Judge and his staff will make sure that you understand the difference between them, so you can make an intelligent and informed decision about which to file under.


Put an end to . . .

  • Harassing collection calls
  • Foreclosure on your home and property
  • Overload of bills and notices
  • Repossession of cars, furniture and equipment
  • Wage and paycheck garnishments
  • Frustration, aggravation and panic over your financial situation


Debt overload stress can affect your health and well being. Arizona and Tucson bankruptcy law gives you a legal right to debt relief when you can no longer afford to make all the payments required of you. Contact Judge Law Firm today and get a fresh start:


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When you contact Judge Law Firm, we want to know what questions you have and what concerns you most about the bankruptcy process. Our staff will make sure that we are committed to making sure you have all the facts you need to make good decisions about bankruptcy — Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 and even Chapter 13 if that is most appropriate for your circumstances.


We’ll schedule you for a free consultation with Jeffrey P. Judge, who will review your case in detail and give you all the facts about your Chapter 7 bankruptcy options and other bankruptcy options. During your consultation, you’ll receive fact-based advice about what is best for your situation — even if that means not filing for bankruptcy and not using the services of Judge Law Firm. Mr. Judge will provide you truthful and accurate information about what is best for you.


Your privacy and integrity is important to us, all information you provide during the consultation will be kept strictly confidential. Should you decide to file for bankruptcy in Arizona or Tucson, U.S., Arizona and Tucson bankruptcy law requires us to share certain financial information with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the trustee assigned to you, and your creditors in order to prove your eligibility for bankruptcy. For more information on your privacy rights, click here: Your Privacy Rights

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