Jeffrey P. Judge, Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tucson:
Giving Your Case the “Personal Attention” to Get it Done Fast & Get it Done Right

Not every bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson will give your case the time and attention required to put you in the best financial position required. Many law firms focusing on bankruptcy have a machine-like processing system for bankruptcy cases so they can handle as many cases as possible for as cheap a price as possible. While “cheap” may sound good, declaring personal bankruptcy is a complicated and important matter and short-cuts can cost you big bucks in the long run. Some firms operate more like a bankruptcy mill and don’t give their full attention, let alone good advice, to a personal bankruptcy case.

At Judge Law Firm our goal is to help honest, hard-working people, who are struggling with a financial crisis, move to a stronger financial position. We help you stop creditor harassment and educate you about bankruptcy and debt so you can make intelligent decisions about your finances.


Jeffrey P. Judge, your bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson will give you and your case the personal attention it needs. He reviews your circumstances thoroughly, takes time to make sure you understand bankruptcy and his recommendations, and helps you determine what course of action is in YOUR best interest.


Right from the beginning, Mr. Judge gives you a full hour of his time without charge—twice as much time as many bankruptcy law firms in Tucson. This commitment to meeting with you personally continues throughout the bankruptcy process. While many lawyers communicate solely through their staff, in most cases you’ll meet or talk directly with Mr. Judge at least three times during the process. Mr. Judge will be present at all hearings, so you’ll never be left on your own, and he’ll also be available to you by phone and e-mail.


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Not Every Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tucson Selects Clientele Carefully


In order to give appropriate and effective advice to personal bankruptcy clients, the clients must be fully committed to the bankruptcy process. Declaring personal bankruptcy can put you quickly on track to a strong financial position, but the process requires a lot of details and some hard decisions.


Judge Law Firm doesn’t represent everyone who comes through the door. We work with people who have a genuine financial crisis, with a debt load they can’t handle, and are ready to do what it takes to move away from debt and toward a sustainable and stable financial position. If you’re not just looking for a “Quick Fix” temporary debt solution but an actual change toward a stronger financial position then Mr. Judge wants to work with you.


A bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson may not be the right answer for you. The best way to determine whether the Judge Law Firm is the right place for you is to meet with Mr. Judge and discuss your situation. You can do so without cost or obligation. Get the answers you need and learn how Judge Law Firm can help you:

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