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What information do I need to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arizona?


To file for bankruptcy protection requires a lot of information and documents, but YOU CAN DO IT. It only requires some time and effort on your part. You will need to give us the following documents and information at least seven (7) days before your case can be filed.



1. Driver’s License, State or Military ID, or Passport
2. Social Security Card, a W-2, or Notice showing your full social security number
3. Current Child or Family Support Orders
4. Divorce Decrees in last 8 years


Income: We need to document all sources of your household income

5. Pay stubs for the past seven (7) months for you and your spouse or significant other
6. Documentation of all other sources of income, including social security, retirement, unemployment, child support, family assistance, and rental income for the past seven (7) months
7. State and Federal Tax returns for the last three years


Debts: We must list all your debts, even debts to your family/friends, and ones you plan to pay

8. The two (2) most recent statements for all Unsecured debts: Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Line of Credit Loans, Student Loans, Overdraft Protection Accounts, Payday loans, and all other debts
9. The two (2) most recent statements for all Secured debts: Car Loans, Auto Title Loans, Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, and Financing for Furniture, Electronics, and Jewelry, etc...
10. The two (2) most recent statements for all unexpired leases and contracts: Car leases, Cell Phone Contracts, Apartment Leases, Gym Memberships, Cable or Satellite TV/Internet contracts
11. Last Billing Statement from your Homeowner Association
12. Documentation regarding Child Support Arrears
13. List of all loans from family and friends
14. List of all Co-signed debts (like credit cards, car or home loans, student loans, etc... )
15. Statements or demand letters for any Taxes owed, or Court fines and restitution
16. All collection/demand letters
17. All paperwork related to Lawsuits and Garnishments


Assets: We must account for all of your Bank Accounts, Vehicles, Property and Stuff

18. Last four (4) months of all Bank, Credit Union, Investment Account Statements
19. Most recent statement for all IRAs, 401(k)s, Educational/Retirement Accounts, Tuition Credit, or Medical Savings Accounts
20. Registration for all your vehicles, trailers, ATVs, mobile homes, RVs, etc...
21. Property Tax Statement (or Deed) for all Real Property which includes Homes, Manufactured Homes, Timeshares, Condos, Land and Cemetery Plots.
22. List of all your household goods and personal property
23. List of people or businesses that owe you money


Paperwork, Attorney Fees and Court Costs

24. Fully Completed Worksheet – any incomplete sections will delay filing
25. Certificate from an approved Credit Counseling Agency
26. All Attorney Fees and Court Costs Paid – Payments within 7 days of filing must be made with a money order or cashier’s check


For an initial consultation and to determine if filing Chapter 13 in Tucson is an appropriate choice for you, please call Tucson bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey P. Judge at 520-745-1500 or submit our email form.