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Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyer Jeffrey P. Judge Protects YOUR Interests, Could End Harassing Calls from Debt Collectors and Provides You With Answers Now!


  • End constant, harassing calls from debt collectors who make your life miserable..
  • Stop threats of foreclosure, garnishment and repossession..
  • Eliminate overwhelming debt that causes stress and frustration..
  • Correct embarrassing financial strain..
  • Gain financial stability..


The Judge Law Firm helps honest, hard-working residents of Southern Arizona, like you, get out of high-stress financial situations caused by overwhelming debt. By helping you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona, Jeffrey Judge uses the law to put an end to all harassing collection calls, foreclosures, garnishments and repossessions and discharge all unsecured debts so you can get back on your feet and start fresh.


Don't Get "Processed" - Get Educated and Represented


Many people who file bankruptcy in Arizona are represented by out-of-state law firms. These firms advertise cheap rates, but often have additional fees that add up. They are focused only on filing as many cases as possible to collect more fees. Contrary to working with a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer, these firms rarely see clients in person and counsel them. Rather, they “process” their clients, often failing to prepare them or give complete attention to the case.


Mr. Judge gives every case his personal attention, walking you through the Chapter 7 process and examining the details of your situation. His goal is to make sure all your questions are answered and the results put you in the strongest financial position possible. When you file Chapter 7 in Arizona through Judge Law Firm, you can be assured that it is done correctly and that YOUR best interests are represented.


Based in Tucson, this Bankruptcy Lawyer is known for giving a sense of relief & feeling of freedom to clients in tight situations.


"I feel better."


We frequently hear this from our clients after their first meeting with Mr. Judge
— after just the free consultation.


  1. Creditors want you to think you’re in trouble. It’s part of their debt-collecting tactics.
  2. They especially don’t want you to know that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a viable option.
  3. Having practiced law since 1994, Mr. Judge knows that, usually, the situation is not as bleak and hopeless as creditors want you to believe.


Once you meet with Mr. Judge, you’ll understand the possibilities that await you and see that there are more options than creditors told you about. This is why our clients say they “feel better,” and are happy they hired this Tucson bankruptcy lawyer.


Do you want to "feel better" about your financial situation and find out what options you have for dealing with overwhelming debt and hounding debt collectors?


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